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Android Nougat vs. iOS 10 – Top Features Comparison

iOS 10 and Android Nougat (7.0) may not be out yet, but rather because of the way both Apple and Google lead their OS improvement both have been discharged as beta forms for quite some…

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An Overview: 10 New Features of Google’s Android Nougat

  Android nougat is the brand new upgraded firmware of Google’s Android OS. Recently the Android N has officially announced as ‘Nougat’ and the final release expected to launch on October 2016. From the preview…

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Android N officially named as Android Nougat

Google has officially N-ounced that Android N is no longer Android N: it’s Android Nougat! Nougat was a medium-strength contender for the name of the upcoming OS, and while we still don’t have a version…

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