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Online reputation management is the process of taking over the control of an online conversation. The technique will ensure that when people search and find out the right pages when they find us on the internet.

Why you should care about your online reputation?

Online branding and reputation is some much concern for all kind of businesses these days. For a company grow as a better brand, internet help in a large way with better Online reputation.

The Internet is our first stop for everything

– Two out of three people see the Internet as the most reliable source of information about a person or a business (Edelman Insights)
– 70% of hiring managers have rejected a candidate because of something they found online (Cross-Tab)
– When looking for a local business, 97% of people read online reviews (BIA Kelsey)

Depending on your needs, online reputation management can be a relatively simple, straightforward process, or it can be complex and multifaceted. Regardless, most ORM campaigns follow a few general rules:

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Is online reputation management the same as SEO?

There is some difference betweek Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Online Reputation Management (ORM). SEO is the process of making a specific website page top in search engine result page for particular search keyword. Online reputation management is the method of controlling collection of web pages which appears on search result.

Online reputation management process:

Depending on your needs, online reputation management can be a relatively simple, straightforward process, or it can be complex and multifaceted. Regardless, most ORM campaigns follow a few general rules:

Search results are algorithmically generated – With the help of computors, the online reputation has been determined automatically by some complex calculation. So Search engine and social media guesses what people interested to find.

Popularity over accuracy – No algorithm can tell whether information accurately reflects you or not, so popularity becomes the main measuring stick.

Don’t click – It can be enticing to visit the negative pages in your query items again and again. Don’t. This tells web crawlers that the page is applicable, driving it up in the outcomes.

Don’t engage with detractors – On the off chance that somebody composes something unflattering about you, don’t compose back, don’t post a remark, and don’t allude to the culpable thing in online gatherings.

Get your story out there – You can just advance the materials that are out there. That implies you require a strong base of positive, precise substance to enhance your online notoriety.

Use social media – Ensure your resume is breakthrough. Web-based social networking destinations regularly rank well in your list items, and you control the substance they show, so they can have a major effect to your online notoriety.

Protect your privacy – Monitor the by and by identifiable data about you posted on the web. Quit administrations that offer your own data, and expel your information from human hunt destinations.

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